Our party was good. It was my best party ever. David and Ali
My best bit was the scavenger hunt; we had to found out how old a tree was
so we counted the rings. We also got points for finding bugs and flowers
and strange things. I had a centipede on my hand. So did my cousin, Eden.
My team won the medals because we got so many points!
We had a Spongebob Squarepants cake, my mum forgot the candles. It was a
really fun time.


Today it was my birthday party! First we played a game, then we got sorted
out into two teams. My team was the Red Team, with Callum, Lucas, Aaron,
Tom and Alfie. The best bits were when we found the sweets because I liked
the sherbet. We found a very strange leaf. Aaron F was the first to found
the treasure, both times! It was my best birthday party ever!

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